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Personal Dance Training ​(Private Dance Lessons)

No matter your experience with dancing from the complete novice to a seasoned dancer, your Strides Personal Dance Trainer Jennifer & Taylor will take you through the moves and concepts you will need to dance with balance, finesse, and confidence. We will personalize your lessons to you and your goals. Whether you need a quick bootcamp on dancing for a special occasion such as a wedding, or you are interested in becoming a good or even great dancer;  your dance lessons will be geard towards helping you become the dancer you imagine. Find out what can be accomplished in just a 25 minute or 50 minute session with Jennifer & Taylor. 

Private dance lessons in any sport or hobby are never the cheapest option, but the lessons you will receive from our team will definitely be the best bang for your buck in the Denver Metro Area.

For the Way You Learn

Strides Ballroom Lessons

Personal Dance Trainer Pricing

New Student Deal:

1-50 Minute Session- $50

Pay By Lesson Option:

1-25 Minute Session- $40

1-50 Minute Session - $80

1-45 Minute Session (Taylor) - $80

Package Options:

5-50 Minute Sessions -$375

10-25 Minute Sessions- $375

* Taylor Westfall's lessons are 45 Minutes in length.

Do I Need a Personal Dance Trainer?

You may be saying to yourself, I am just a beginner do I really need a personal dance trainer? The answer is yes, that is exactly why you need a trainer. Just like going to a gym where a personal trainer makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly to get maximum benefit and to avoid injuries; a personal dance trainer can show you exactly what you need to do so you can lead/follow without hurting anyone, help you coordinate your body to look natural and not awkward, and most of all customize your learning so you get more bang for your buck. 

We have heard numerous times from our customers that they learned more in 1-25 minute private lesson with Jennifer or Taylor then 4 or even 5 group classes. 


10 Reasons for a Personal Dance Trainer

There are so many reasons to Sign Up with a Strides Personal Dance Trainer, but here are a few that some of our clients have noted were important to them:


  1. You are a beginner and want to learn how to dance right the 1st time.

  2. You have a deadline, get it done. 

  3. You want a program structured specifically to your likes and dislikes (including dance style, learning style, goals, and physical abilities)

  4. You are looking to get in shape through a fun activity like ballroom and latin dancing. Jennifer and Taylor will help you do more than you thought possible, and keep you motivated. 

  5. You have joint, knee, hip, or back issues. Very important to work one on one with a trainer that can help you do things right and avoid injuries. 

  6. You want to be a competition dancer. 

  7. You are an engineer, scientist, analyst, computer specialist, or  analytical thinker. Ballroom dancing is perfect for those wanting to use their analytical brains to learn something artistic. 

  8. Guys you want to own the dance floor and be a leader with finesse. 

  9. Ladies you want to work on expression and lady's styling in dance. 

  10. You want to be a good or even great ballroom and latin dancer, and find your Stride on any dance floor. 

Student Testimonials...
Taylor Westfall recommendation



Heather G. says: I worked with Taylor Westfall and highly recommend the experience! He was thorough, patient, fun, and understanding! I'm looking forward to more lessons and recommending Strides to my friends and family.


Terrific experiences with both Taylor and Jennifer



Carole F. says: Have had superb lessons with both of Strides Ballroom's instructors. Am a long time social dancer seeking the kind of technical instruction that both Taylor and Jennifer are able to provide so ably, clearly and kindly!


Jennifer rocks!


Mary M. says: Jennifer is a great dancer and a great teacher. She is very articulate and finds the right words and approach to make dance technique make sense. She knows that each of us learns differently and finds what works for the student. This makes a huge difference in moving your dancing forward - regardless if you are a social dancer or a competitive dancer. Best of all, she gladly let's you video record a summary of your lesson so you can work on it on your own if you want to - this is a big time saver and gives the student the opportunity to practice what was covered and bring questions to the next lesson. Very, very helpful!


Simply the Best!!


Mark H. says: Jennifer Corey is the best of the best!! No matter what dance you want to learn she can teach it!! 3 words-"Simply the Best"


Jennifer Corey is top notch


Judd P. says: Jennifer Corey of Strides Ballroom,is a great dance teacher. She can put into words (ones that I understand!) the things that I'm doing wrong, or need to change. She definitely makes me feel like I can dance! Beyond the dancing and technique, she understands music enough to help me be a better leader. Whether I come in wanting to learn some new patterns in a dance where I'm weak, or want to improve for a competition, she is ready with a plan, but flexible if I want to change it up. She doesn't forget it's about her students.


Strides Ballroom # 1


Britt N. says: Jennifer Corey owner of Strides Ballroom is simply the best . She makes each and everyone of her students feel like they are special . She is arguably the best female dance teacher in the Denver Metro area . She is there to teach you how to dance and she does that by being prepared with a lesson plan and making the lessons fun and enjoyable . She has excellent people skills and is simply a very nice person . If you are interested in learning to Ballroom dance JC is the pro you want. Whether you want to be a social dancer or a competitive dancer Strides Ballroom is the place to be .

Private & Coaching Lesson Policies 


Private lessons are offered in 25 minute, 45 minute, and 50 minute increments by appointment. Private lessons may be purchased by cash, check, or credit card. As private lesson and coaching sessions are by appointment only, if you need to reschedule or cancel your lesson for any reason you must give 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the session. Bad weather during the winter is an exception to this policy. We accept cancelations by phone or email only. Private lessons and coaching sessions are a single or couple with an instructor, and does not refer to a private room (floor space is shared). Semi private (more then 2 people ) are available for additional cost. We offer standing appointments time slots for your convenience. If a standing appointment is cancelled more than three times you may lose your time slot. 

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