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Private Dance Lesson 


Personal Dance Training

1st Session


(offer good for single or couple)

*Offer valid for new students only and can not be combined with other special offers. Session is 50-minutes. By Appointment only.

" You've gotta dance like no one's watching.

Love like you've never been hurt..."


                                                                                                                  ~William W. Purkey


But just in case everyone is watching, we've got your back.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance
Wedding Dance
Your First Dance

If you are looking at this webpage, you and your fiance' are interested in making your wedding dance more unique, more special, then the 2 minute sway.


Your first dance as husband and wife should not be something to worry or stress about. It should be a wonderful moment in your day, where you get to kick off the celebration of your marriage.

  • Choose a song or narrow it down to your top 3. Be prepared to bring in your song or song choices on thumb drive, or smart phone to your 1st lesson. 

  • If your song is longer than 2 1/2  to 3 minutes consider the option of having your song faded or edited.​

  • Give us a call, email, or use our online scheduling system to make your appointment. We recommend contacting us 2-3 months before your wedding.

  • On average couples take 3-6 lessons to learn their wedding dance. 

  • Have an approximate idea how big your dance floor will be.

  • To avoid getting your shoes too dirty before the wedding, ladies wear shoes that are a comparable heel height to your wedding shoes on your lessons. Wear your actual shoes on the last lesson

  • You're in this together. For richer, poorer... two left feet, and all. Patience goes a long way in learning to dance. Special Note: Our instructors are very very good. One instructor on the lesson, try to avoid correcting each other,  and you'll have a great time. 

  • Practice between lessons. You would be surprised how much more can be accomplished during your lesson when you practice. Even if you only practice 10-15 minutes each week. 


Learning to dance is a great opportunity to take a moment to relax from your busy schedules and enjoy a new adventure with the one you love. 

Fun Wedding Dance
Simple or Choreographed

The first dance is traditionally for the guests of honor - you. So what do you want your dance to be: simple, elegant, crazy, fun? Our team will help you kick your party off right with the perfect dance for you and your fiance'.


You can keep it simple by learning 3-5 basic patterns. And through the lead & follow techniques you will learn from the Strides Ballroom Method on your lessons, you will be able to mix it up on the dance floor any way you wish. No memorization needed. 

Or if you prefer something a bit more unique, learn a sequence or choreographed routine for your wedding.  We will choreograph something special just for your song. All you have to decide is what's your style and we will do the rest. 

couple learning for their wedding dance
Lessons & Pricing

As there is no way to truly personalize your experience in a group class, private lessons are the preferred and recommended method for learning to dance for your wedding. Don't Wait! On average it takes a couple 3-6 lessons to learn to dance for their wedding. Get started and find out what you will need to feel great on your day. 

Private lessons are scheduled Monday - Satruday by appointment. We can work with your schedule even if it varies weekly. We teach lessons at locations in Denver, Westminster & Lakewood. We offer 25 minute and 50 minute private lessons.


$40/ 1 - 25 minute session

$80/ 1- 50 minute session             

$375/ 5- 50 minute or 10-25 minute



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