The Strides Ballroom Method


Stride verb \ˈstrīd\

The most effective natural pace : to reach one’s maximum competence or capability.

The First Step

You may be a little nervous about learning to dance or taking lessons, many people are; but with the Strides Ballroom Method you will find that not only can you learn to dance but becoming a good or even great ballroom or latin dancer is completely within your reach.

Like any new skill you are trying to learn, having someone to show you the ins and outs can be extremely beneficial. Take two other popular activities: golfing and skiing. Certainly you could watch Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson on television play golf or even watch a video on YouTube on how to play golf. But is this the most effective way to learn? Probably not, most people will learn best 1-on-1 with someone showing them how to swing the club, what the different clubs are used for, & how to play the game. This person may be a family member, a friend, or a professional instructor at a golf course. The same goes for skiing. Throwing on some skis and pointing yourself down a hill, and just going without some 1-on-1 or group instruction can be frustrating and dangerous.  Learning to ballroom, latin, or swing dance is much like these other activities. You can try and copy someone on a YouTube video, or even just go for it, but really partner style dancing (ballroom, latin, and swing dance) is best learned in a 1-on-1 setting or even a group class setting with an experienced instructor. Not only will you learn where your feet are supposed to go, you will really learn the finer points that make partner dancing fun.


Strides is Not Just for Beginners

If you want to increase your dance knowledge, your style, your lead & following skills, or even rock your next ballroom or latin competition we will help you hit your stride on the dance floor. Sign up for the New Student Special, and as an experienced dancer we recommend combining the 25 minute private lessons into 50 minute private lesson. During your lesson we will dance, evaluate where you are in your dancing right now, and customize a plan to get you where you want to go with your dancing.

Change Up Your Stride – and Dance for Good Health

Use your Strides ballroom and latin dance lessons to keep healthy, active, and sharp. The American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association encourage everyone at any age to keep your body and mind active. Both organizations have endorsed dancing as an excellent way to keep you fit from head to toe. As your personal trainers,  Jennifer and Taylor will help you stay motivated as you dance your way to keeping fit. Whether classical ballroom, latin, swing, or a little bit of each is your taste, working out just got fun.



About Strides Ballroom Method

​The Strides Ballroom Method of learning to dance was created by professional ballroom dancer and instructor Jennifer Corey. With over 30 years of dance experience and 15 years of teaching experience, Jennifer has continued to work and train with some of the top leaders in the dance industry. Her experiences on and off the dance floor led her to create a way for anyone to learn to dance. She has taught all ages from young to the young at heart (ages 9-91). She has worked with those that think they have two left feet, and those that seem to have been born to dance. People who have studied music, and those that struggle finding the beat. All that she has learned in helping hundreds of people to learn to dance has been compiled into one great teaching method – Strides Ballroom.