COVID 19 Dance Lesson Update as of 9/22/20

Dear Students and Dance Enthusiasts,

During this uncertain time it is our priority to create as safe of an environment for our clients that we can create, while clients enjoy the benefits ballroom dancing brings to their lives. During this time we will be closely watching the recommendations provided by Gov. Polis and the state of Colorado. We will follow recommendations given by the state for opening our business and providing services. 

The state of Colorado, along with cities, and counties on a regular basis are updating their safety guidelines for businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic. As a business dealing with the public we must keep fluid and allow for changes even at the last minute. This may mean that we may have to cancel private or group instruction last minute and give a refund or credit toward future lessons. 


As we have an at risk person at our home we must also keep their health in mind. We thank you for wearing a mask during your private lesson and group class and sincerely thank you for your patience during this challenging time.  The safety of our students, their loved ones, and our families are always our priority first. 

What that means for Strides Ballroom Lessons
Our plan is to start private lessons again on May 15th. Group classes will begin on July 2nd. 

1. Group classes will be technique & style classes. No partnering will be taught, all danced solo. Masks required. Must preregister for class online (under group lessons) as class size will be limited to 15 people per week. Group classes will be Thursdays at Westminster location 

2. We are currently teaching Mondays at Denver Turnverein. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at Joyful Ballroom. Sundays at World of Dance Denver. 

3. During private lessons Taylor and Jennifer will wear a mask. We will be washing hands before and after each lesson. We do have gloves if you would prefer us to wear during your lesson please let us know. We will also be taking our temperature each morning, any elevated temp we will not do lessons. We will be wiping clean table and chair surfaces between lessons. 

4. We ask that you also wash your hands before and after your private lesson. If you are not feeling well (even if possibly only allergies) please reschedule lesson.  Singles dancing with Jennifer or Taylor and group classes are required to wear a mask (this is not a political statement, this is required by the studios we teach at).  

5. We normally allow and encourage students to come in, warm up, and practice before and after a lesson. At this time we can only allow students taking a private lesson during the scheduled hour to be on the dance floor and in the space at Denver Turnverein and World of Dance. You may arrive up to 5 minutes before your scheduled private lesson time. . Joyful Ballroom you may arrive early to warm up. Teacher will indicate a clean table for you to take when you arrive, please be aware students taking lessons have floor priority, be aware of socially distancing with other dancers on floor when practicing. 

Though we hope to see all of you soon, we understand if you are over 70 or have medical conditions the state is currently recommending to continue the stay at home orders . Also we understand if you are not comfortable doing lessons at this time. For those that would like to continue live streaming video lessons or customized videos we will continue to offer that as long as you need.  

Dancing is a wonderful activity. It is a social outlet, great exercise, and for many of us including myself a stress reliever. In time this will pass, and we will be able to enjoy our hobby to the fullest again. But in the meantime put on some music and make your home your dance floor. We have some FREE videos on our website. 

How to Schedule your Private Lessons 
To schedule private lessons with Taylor and Jennifer during this time please contact us directly, online scheduler will not be available this month. Info is below to contact us.

At this time we will be teaching at Joyful Ballroom Event Center
3695 W. 72nd Ave. Westminster
(bring a water bottle water, there is not a water cooler or fountain at this location)

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 11am- 8pm


Denver Turnverein

1570 N. Clarkson St, Denver

(bring your own water bottle, water station will not be available at this location at this time.)

Mondays 12pm-6pm


World of Dance

1485 South Colorado Blvd, Denver

(Bring our own water bottle, water station will not be available at this location at this time)

Sundays 9am-5pm

Text/Call: (720) 318-1963

Text/Call: (720) 480- 3759