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Practice Music Playlists 

Practice between lessons is very important to ensure consistant improvement, development of body awareness, and confidence. Whether you are learning to dance socially or for sport your body needs time to adjust to the new ways you are learning to move; practicing your new dance skills whether for 10 mintes or 20 minutes is the best way to accomplish this. To aid you in your practice we have compiled dance playlists for Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing. These playlists can be accessed anywhere you have web access including from your home computer, tablet, and phone. Click on the links provided below for individual dance playlists or check out our collection at under Strides Ballroom. Happy Dancing.

NDCA Tempi for U.S. Competitions

The National Dance Council of America has put together a list of accepted Tempi for Pro/Am and Professional Competitions in the United States. Here is a list of Tempi per dance by BPM (Beats Per Minute), to help you when choosing your own practice music. Keep in mind social dancers will encounter a larger range of tempi, but you will find these the most comfortable tempi to dance to in any situation. 

American Style:


Waltz: 30-32 (Pro/Am) & 28-30 (Pro)

Tango: 30-32 (Pro/Am) & 30 (Pro)

Foxtrot: 32-34 (Pro/Am) & 30 (Pro)

V. Waltz: 54 (Pro/Am) & 53-54 (Pro)


Cha Cha: 30 (Pro/Am) & 30 (Pro)

Rumba: 32-36 (Pro/Am) & 30-32 (Pro)

Swing: 34-36 (Pro/Am) & 36 (Pro)

Bolero: 24-26 (Pro/Am) & 24 (Pro)

Mambo: 48-51 (Pro/Am) & 47 (Pro)


International Style: 


Waltz: 28-30 (Pro/Am) & 28 (Pro)

Tango: 32 (Pro/Am & Pro)

V. Waltz: 56-58 (Pro/Am & Pro)

Foxtrot: 28-30 (Pro/Am & Pro)

Quickstep: 48-52 (Pro/Am & Pro)


Cha Cha: 31 (Pro/Am & Pro)

Samba: 48-50 (Pro/Am) & 50 (Pro)

Rumba: 27 (Pro/Am) & 26 (Pro)

Paso Doble: 60-62 (Pro/Am & Pro)

Jive: 38-44 (Pro/Am) & 44 (Pro)