Put Some Glide in Your Stride

Private Dance Lesson 


Personal Dance Training

1st Session


(offer good for single or couple)

*Offer valid for new students only and can not be combined with other special offers. Session is 50-minutes. By Appointment only.

​Personal Dance Training

Personal dance training (private lessons) is the perfect way to learn the dances you want to learn at your individual pace. Whether your goal is to get by with a few patterns in one or two dances; to become a well rounded social dancer that can dance a variety of dances any where with anyone; or to be a great dancer that gets complimented often and looks like a pro when you hit the dance floor. Private lessons and the Strides Ballroom method is the perfect way to get you dancing the way you imagine yourself dancing, 

Group Classes

If you enjoy the social aspects of learning to ballroom dance, group classes are an excellent choice.  Get your feet wet in our beginner classes or add in additional technique and style with our intermediate classes and workshops. No partner is needed to attend classes. Strides groups are informative and affordable.


Check out our group class page to see what classes are running each month. We also will be introducing special one time only workshops with some of the Top Pros in the country.

Your first dance as husband and wife should not be something to worry or stress about. It should be a wonderful moment in your day, where you get to kick off the celebration of your marriage. The first dance is for the guests of honor - you. So what do you want your dance to be: simple, elegant, crazy, fun? Jennifer and Taylor will help you kick your party off right with the right dance for you and your fiancé'. Don't wait! On average couples take 3 -6 lessons, get started and find out what you will need to feel great on your day.  

Wedding Dance Preparation

Find Your Stride

Is there a dance you have always wanted to learn? Find the dance style that fits your taste in music. Mix and match several dances for a fun variety, or focus on just one.

  • Waltz (S,C)

  • Foxtrot (S,C)

  • Tango (S,C)

  • Viennese Waltz (S,C)

  • Quickstep (C)

  • Slow Dancing (S)

  • Cha Cha (S,C)

  • Rumba (S,C)

  • East Coast Swing (S,C)

  • Bolero (S,C)

  • Mambo (S,C)

  • Salsa (S) on 1

  • Samba (S,C)

  • Paso Doble (C)

  • Jive (C)

  • Polka (S)

  • Zydeco (S)

  • & More...

S = Social Dance Training   C= Competition Dance Training

Jennifer Corey is top notch



Judd P. says: Jennifer Corey of Strides Ballroom,is a great dance teacher. She can put into words (ones that I understand!) the things that I'm doing wrong, or need to change. She definitely makes me feel like I can dance! Beyond the dancing and technique, she understands music enough to help me be a better leader. Whether I come in wanting to learn some new patterns in a dance where I'm weak, or want to improve for a competition, she is ready with a plan, but flexible if I want to change it up. She doesn't forget it's about her students.